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Pai Tula Yoga studio is made up of a special team of unique teachers all collaborating together to create an

unforgettable and holistic experience for each and every one your yoga classes. All teachers are qualified

in their respective yoga field with a 300hr or 500hr ITTC.  
Our Teachers use their own playlists and create their own sequencing according to the style of the class.


ANGELIQUE AKA "lilyogalady"

Owner and Yoga teacher

Angie started yoga at the age of 19 years old after dancing for 12 years. 

She explains that the beauty of yoga is how personal the journey becomes, regardless of the initial intent. It’s about you, your interpretation of your world and how you strive to reach your highest potential.


'It has become my sacred part of every day, a time to reveal who I have been in the last 24 hours, a guide to who I can be in the next and a strong voice to keep my grounded in the present.'


Describe your teaching style?

'I tend to be very adventurous and this comes through a lot in my teachings and dedication to my students. I will always encourage one to go further and take their personal challenge to a fresh and new level of self acceptance and love. When I see others as excited about their bodies and their lessons and contracts in life as I am, I get just as excited and inspired!'


Message to future students?

'Come play with inversions, gravity surfing and pretzel shapes!'

'My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassions, some humor and some style.'



Hatha - vinyasa yoga teacher 

I attended my first yoga class in 2006 at Sivaya Yoga Studio  while studying at UP. I practiced on and off at various studios in Jhb before a search for a 3-day yoga chalenge during a sabbatical turned into one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself - a 200hr vinyasa teacher training with Michelle Van Straaten. I constantly explore new teachings and I am forever grateful to all the teachers that have shared their gifts with me and had an impact on my practice and teaching. 

Heilens'classes are a strong beginner flow, exploring all sides of the mat and space in fluid movement. She loves a good vinyasa and then a juicy savasana. Her classes always offer a source of dramatic music to take you on a guided journey through your body in just an hour. 

In her words "yoga helped my to find that space in between the stimulus and response. To let the answer unfold within the questions themselves."

'Between stimulus and repsonse, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our responses lies our growth and freedom.' 

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Yoga Instructor

"I focus a lot on bringing balance in your practice and in your life. I work a lot on pranayama and balance in our asana. I want people to be comfortable and listen to their body. My classes are more about rising the vibration and spreading Love. "


Lucky's classes are more on the traditional side which makes for a beautiful way to enter your weekend and leave your week. 

His hands on adjustments and attention to detail as well as allowing each student to find their own way in a pose, leave you feeling blissfully grounded and serene.  

Join me on Saturdays at 09:30 for

beginner-intermediate hatha

Kick off your week and then weekend finding balance and surrender.

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Yoga Instructor

Looking for a gentle and integrated class? Then Kath is your lady! Her approach to her teaching is much like her life, go with the flow and if it's not fun don't do it. After qualifying in Thailand as a yoga teacher, Kath loves to teach from the heart and always adds something special to her classes. She spends hours prepping poses and sequences andoften incorporates Forest inspired poses along with yoga therapy that she has learned along her way. She has a strong self practice and likes to incorporate elements to her teachings such as Yamas and niyamasa, the 8 limbs, poetry, unique readings and more. 

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Yoga Instructor

This power house lady offers Vinyasa flow classes that are based on Ashtanga principles, integrating her creative background which gives her a chance to play with unusual sequencing, emphasizing the connection between breath and movement through a series of postures which improve strength and flexibility whilst maintaining balance and simultaneously focusing the mind. 

Natalie's classes are physically and mentally challenging yet inspire students to practice in a structured and  safe environment. 

Being a single mom to two teenage boys can be challenging and with a full time job and other interests like powerlifting and running, Natalie knows exactly what it is like to juggle things. 

This doesn't stop her from planning her classes meticiulously from her loaded background teacher training of 

Ishta YTT, Ashtange YTT, Forrest YTT.

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