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Whether you're new to yoga or just our tribe,
please read this for information


If you've never been to a yoga class it can be daunting. Here at Pai Tula Yoga,

we like our students to feel at home from the moment they walk in the door. In ordered to make that possible, we hope you've already had a good experience with us and we've written down a few things

you need to know before heading on into our studio. 

-YOGA isn't an alternative to exercise. Many people think they can do yoga rather than run, or gym. Others think they can go running instead of doing yoga. Here's the thing, a dedicated yoga practice will definitely make your body strong, flexible, aligned, balanced and more toned. But let's have a look at why yoga cannot be your only form of physical activity. Well it's simple, yoga isn't exercise, it's a way of life. It's for healing, it's for balance, it's for letting go, it's for mindfulness, it's presence and is used to support all the other things you do in your life. Yoga isn't for the flexible or the strong or the bendy, it's for the willing. It is a commitment to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You will need to commit to your practice for it to change your life. 

-Our studio welcomes anyone and everyone so please don't think you need to look a certain way or have a certain pair of pants to be on our mats. 

-We have off street parking please follow the signs to 'yoga parking'. 

-The gate opens 15 minutes before a class begins and closes 5 minutes before the class commences. Please arrive on time as the teacher will be unable to open for you. If you arrive and the gate is closed please send a whatsapp message. DON'T PHONE. 

-Please read our T's and C's. When signing up for an unlimited, 2x weekly or 3x weekly package you are required to give 1 months notice if you are leaving the studio or changing your subscription. 


-We have a storage room for keys and belongings, please keep the studio space open and tidy. 

-All our monthly packages mentioned above run from the 1st of each month to the 30th or 31st. Please renew by the 1st of each month for booking access. 

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-If you have never done yoga please attend a beginners class. This is for your own safety and so you don't feel completely overwhelmed by poses that seem impossible. 

-We are respectful of fellow students that join our classes and work to have a peaceful and quiet environment at all times while class is on-going. If you arrive early for class and there is one already ongoing, kindly take a seat in our beautiful gardens and wait until the studio is cleared and cleaned for your entry. 

-If you have any questions, suggestions, needs or wishes, please contact Angie immediately via email and she will try her best to fulfill them. We are always open to changing and adding to the studio. 

-We have an online shop please click here to see what's in stock in case you need something for your first class! 

-Although our website is very handy, we encourage you to download our app for ease of access, notifications about changes etc and of course open your heart up to a whole world of online challenges, a yogi's forum, blogs on meditations, yoga theory and more.

App invite code is WVWM3U

Not sure what to wear? 

-Anything comfortable and preferably stretchy

How do we communicate? 

-Although we have a whatsapp number, it is generally for initial introduction

and for emergencies. 

-We are always available on our instant chat via the app or even website. 

-If you have any queries, please use this mode of contact for the fastest response. 

-Please like and follow us on social media for specials, flash sales, inspiration, quotes, videos, pics etc. 

Having trouble signing up or booking a class? 

We've got this handy self-help checklist for you to do before contacting us! 

-Finally, we are so excited to have you and can't wait to meet you :) 

-We are weird, we chant, we growl, we sometimes scream and shout..if this sounds like you...welcome home....if it sounds like you want it to be you....welcome aboard!

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