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'1 yoga class a week will change your mind, 2 yoga classes a week will change your body,

yoga everyday will change your life'


Our Ishta classes with Angie aim to balance the energetic forms. Working into alignment, pranayama, pratyahara, balancing and meditation, these are well suited to the practitioner looking to expand their knowledge of the body, soul and mind. These focus on the individuals needs and can often include readings on better life paths, diets and spirituality. Hatha yoga is not always just a stretch and often uses the holding of poses and intensified breathing techniques to still the mind and find unity. 

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Yin yoga is calming and centering. We have different teachers offering this style and although each has their different take on it, you can expect to hold passive poses for anywhere from 3-5 minutes each. This style of yoga focuses on surrender and not force and therefore uses props to invite the body into a shape or pose and not to hold in discomfort. Great class for those who are looking to practice stillness, silence and surrender as well as a peaceful and calm surrounding. Injuries and medical conditions can be worked with harmoniously and without further strain or stress to the body. 



As each mom goes through the phases of pregnancy differently, we do not have set pregnancy classes.

We do however, offer private pregnancy sessions or

semi-private. Enjoy a tailor-made session according to your trimester, unique experience and specified needs. 

Sessions incorporate breathing techniques, body strengthening and stretching, meditation, mantras and provide a beautiful space for moms-to be to spend tranquil time with their growing bundles. 

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Vinyasa yoga focuses on movement, flow and dynamic postures intergrated with a constant awareness of breath. Our vinyasa classes are playful and athletic, building up strength and fitness. With a combination of breath work, isolating exercises, gravity surfing or arm balances and deep stretches, you will walk away feeling accomplished in every way! Working sometimes with partners and in groups, our vinyasa classes are beautifully structured and designed to encourage creative thinking as well as build a committed yoga practice.

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