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Get your "butt"into gear with our latest rewards program

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The more you train, the more "karma"you gain. 

Late cancellations and dormant profiles can lose karma!!

Sign up by logging in below with your username and password use on the app. 


Turn points into coupons

Get badges for good deeds

Earn Points

1. Sign up with Bandha Butts

10 karma

2. Sign up as a monthly student of PTY

50 karma

3. Purchase a product from our online store

10 karma

4. Order a plan

20 karma

5. Book and attend a session

1 karma

6. Purchase a ticket to an event

20 karma

7. -Give a Google Review

100 karma

8. Get a friend to sign up

25 karma

9. Complete our yoga theory quiz

50 karma

Folow us here for your first Karma

Redeem  Points

10% off store products

10% off events

10% off bookings

Earn Badges and prizes

50% off 2 drops in classes for

a friend

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Try out our Yoga theory quiz now!


Our very own loyalty program just made your yoga practice that much more exciting!

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