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The nitty grittys



Pricing policies:

All classes, class passes and unlimited membership fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-shareable. Workshops and special classes are not included in unlimited memberships. Class and membership fees may increase each year.


Student / Pensioner Pricing:

Student / Pensioners Pricing Available in the studio with presentation of valid student ID.


Workshop Refund Policies:

For cancellations at least one week prior to the start of the event, you may request a refund. For cancellations less than one week prior to the start of the event, you may request Live Love Flow credit for your total payment amount. Credit may be used for classes, workshops, or special events only. For cancellations 24 hours or less before the event, no refunds or credits will be given.

Pai Tula Terms and Conditions


Payments & Bookings:


Please note: Once a payment has been made, there will be no refunds or class extensions. Pai Tula Yoga does not under any circumstances allow for swaps between students, and so class cards and packages are therefore only redeemable by the student stipulated on them and no exceptions will be made.   All classes that have not been paid for prior to their commencement will be charged for at the full drop in rate each. All packages are only applicable to upcoming classes and no backdated classes will qualify.


5 Class Cards: Only valid for one person to use for 5 classes over a time period of 5 weeks from payment of class or first unpaid class, whichever comes first.


10 Class Cards: Only valid for one person to use for 10 classes over a time period of 10 weeks from payment of class or first unpaid class, whichever comes first.


Up to 2x Weekly: Valid for 0-2 group classes per week for 1 calendar month. For eg. members can do 0,1 or 2 classes per week and no carry overs are applicable. 


Up to 3x Weekly: Valid for 0-3 group classes per week for 1 calendar month. For eg. members can do 0,1,2 or 3 classes per week and no carry overs are applicable. 


Unlimited: Valid for as many group classes offered over a period of 1 calendar month.


Drop in: Valid for 1 drop in class


Vouchers: Not transferable or to share.


2x weekly, 3x weekly and unlimited packages are payable by the 1st of every month. Monthly members are required to give 1 months notice should the student no longer wish to attend the studio.


Privates and Semi-Privates:  All private students are to pay ahead of the month. A standard 2 calendar month notice is required for cancellation of private sessions. Sessions are non-refundable and only credited should the teacher agree on the circumstances and it is for a valid reason. "Being tired or not feeling like a yoga session" is not a valid reason. All classes are done at the studio or agreed upon location according to the teachers comfort level. Private sessions are strictly yoga related and no favors, massages or other requests will be fulfilled. If the teacher needs to cancel for some reason, she will make the session up to you. If you, as a client, need to cancel please note you will be charged for the session unless you reschedule it. Missing more than 70% of your sessions over a month is indicative of a non-committal student and the teacher reserves the right to replace your sessions with another student or change the agreement. Private yoga sessions are a big commitment and should not be taken lightly. It is a big commitment for the teachers energy, time and resources and we trust all our students to reserve and respect this in the same expected manner. Teachers always reserve the right to leave, cancel or adjust sessions according to their comfort level and will never so do without a valid reason. Semi-private sessions need to be paid for by one person. Session will be charge for in full even if only one attendant is present. Please kindly work your sessions around your holidays, the teacher is not liable for loss of income due to holidays, down time or busy schedules. 

No pro rata discounts or refunds are available through Pai Tula Yoga


Class prices are subject to an annual increase


Retreats & Workshops:


All tickets booked for our retreats and workshops require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Should you wish to cancel less than 60 days before the event commences, you will not receive your deposit back. Attendees might be requested to find a fill in for their spot, depending on availability and time of cancellation. 

If an attendee wishes to cancel less than 30 days before the commence of the retreat, a 40% refund will be given. 

If an attendee wishes to cancel less than 14 days before the comment of the retreat, no refund will be given.  

Cancellation fees will apply. 

Any notice of cancellation must be received in writing. 


Specials & Newcomers


Pai Tula periodically runs specials for students and also newcomers. The 1st timer’s specials are only applicable to those who have never done yoga with us before and are set in place as an opportunity to do basic intro classes. Existing students and practitioners are therefore not permitted to take advantage of these specials. All specials have an expiry date and no backdated ones will be processed. Please ensure you always have the updated specials before taking any steps towards payment. You're only a beginner once so please remember, this is only valid for your first month! 



Props & Mats:


All mats, props, bags, towels and clothing that are available for purchase may not be rented and are therefore only available for use after payment has been made.



Risk & Responsibility:


Pai Tula Yoga will not be held responsible for any personal loss, damage or injury incurred while on the premises. Please understand your personal belongings are your own responsibility.


Every precaution and much care is taken by the teacher during class so that you can practice in a safe manner, in a safe and supportive environment. You are invited to enthusiastically approach your practice. However, it is encouraged that you take care when determining your own ability to do the exercises offered in class and do not aggravate existing injuries.


Please be aware that you are ultimately responsible for your own personal health and safety and any injuries or illness incurred during class are not the fault of the teacher. If you have any doubt whether any of the classes at Pai Tula Yoga are suitable for you or if you have any particular injury or condition, please consult your physician before beginning your practice. Always inform the teacher of any injury, medical conditions, if you are pregnant or have had any recent surgeries. All personal information collected is confidential and will not be shared. In the event of a substitute teacher, it is the student's responsibility to notify the teacher of the aforementioned conditions.



Pai Tula and its instructors own the right to terminate or expel, without notice or reimbursement, any students or practitioners who do not adhere to the policies above.

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