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About Yoga

This is what happens when you start doing yoga.

We all have a rough idea of how yoga can be good for your "mind, body and soul". We've heard the quotes and seen the adverts. But when you emerge from a class feeling as though you are walking on clouds and you get that  blissful "the world is so beautiful today" vibes, you start to ask yourself what else yoga can do for you and how long it's going to take. You find yourself looking for answers you didn't even know you had questions to and wonder how many sun salutations and pretzels it takes for your anxiety and stress level to go down and if you'll still have high blood pressure in a few years. The answer isn't a simple one, yoga takes constant work and commitment and like anything else, the persistence of a regular practice takes strength from all 3 mind, body and soul. But what are the effects you can look forward to along the way? How long until you touch your toes? It varies, but have a look at this day, month, week and year breakdown below. 


Yoga offers the incredible benefits of increased strength and flexibility to stress reduction and balanced nervous system. Though the benefits vary per individual and style (kundalini, yin, vinyasa), there are certain positive changes that every yoga practitioner can expect to notice with their time on the mat.

Once you get through the first class, your emotions might be all over the place from overwhelmed "how will I ever do this? I'm  not flexible", to relaxed and at peace (deep breathing will do that) to empowered (like, "I did it—I got through something I wanted to do and I actually feel pretty capable"). Physically, you'll probably feel a little stiff.

But even after just one class, your shoulders will feel more upright, your hamstrings looser, and you will move your body in ways you probably don't every day.

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After a week

You will most likely be hooked on how your mind takes a break in class, how your body opens up in Down Dog, and the zen vibe you feel after each session. You'll start to experience a sense of openness in your body. Perhaps it feels a little easier to be and something has started to loosen up but you can't pinpoint what. 

By your third or fourth class, you'll feel yourself getting the hang of breathing and moving in a more synchronized way and you'll keep hearing snippets of the teachers comments throughout your day. "you can do this, you're better than self-doubt"; "yoga and life  are a balance of holding on and letting go", and the list continues.

Then you'll start sleeping better and may notice a glow in your eyes, skin and personality. You keep wishing you were back on your yoga mat and count the hours until your next class. 

After a month

Doing yoga a few times a week, you might notice minor shifts in how you handle stress —now you find yourself breathing more deeply through tense situations (bad traffic, stressful meeting with your boss). You are not a Buddha—you still get pissed off—but you notice that your shoulders are no longer up by your ears, and your jaw is less tight.

You might also feel some bottled-up emotions finally come out. Yoga requires us to be present, and sometimes when moving into certain poses we realize how much holding on we've been doing. It is all a process we must respect and honor for what it is, and allow time for any healing.

Either way, a month into yoga, you'll definitely notice some positive changes in your life and physical body, keep showing up for yourself, stay committed through one busy December, one winter and don't give up!

After a year

A year into regular yoga, your practice shifts from structured classes to "yoga off the mat." it becomes a way of life. How you breathe. How you focus your mind. How you walk. How you treat others. How you move with peace and presence and maybe become less attached to things.

At this point in your yoga journey, your focus has improved, along with your stress levels and ability to handle confrontation and uncomfortable stuff from the past.

Physically, your core and upper body strength have increased, your body looks longer and leaner, your balance is fantastic, and you're sleeping better than ever! All this added together, your confidence has probably experienced a boost, too and you wish you started a decade ago.

If you've managed to stick to twice-weekly yoga for two years, you can expect to look and feel more vibrant than you were even 15 years ago—the clock seems to be ticking backward, meeting everyday challenges with grace has become more natural to you. You've got this calm breath superpower and you realize all those difficult poses you used to avoid have finally become a goal, a challenge and possible.

Your body is stronger than most people your age, you have amazing joint mobility, and your metabolism has increased and you are determined to never skip yoga, a healthy meal or time for yourself ever again! 

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