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Hi there, I'm Angelique Maya,

Your wellness guide and positive voice for 2024!

I specialize in and offer private yoga sessions and 6/12 week series for the individual looking to take things more seriously in a fun and holistic way.

My private sessions equip you with the change you need and results you strive for. 

- Regular sessions paid monthly

- Once off 6 week series (12 sessions)

- Once off 12 weeks series (24 sessions)

- Refocus, reconnect, reduce stress, realign, rethink

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Private yoga



Yoga & Massage

Eating & daily exercise

"Yoga and wellness are 90% mindset, commitment, determination and discipline. Without commitment, you'll never start, without consistency, you'll never finish. "


- 60/90 minute yoga sessions

- Hands on adjustments

- Weekly check-ins and coach call

- Guided journal work

- Therapeutic herbal massage

- Weekly feedback with progress pics

- 5 Daily and specialized poses to practice on your own  

- Blended roller oil set mixed just for you

6 / 12 week themed program



Yoga Pose

Private yoga sessions with us can be booked via our services tab. Whether it's a 60 min or 90 min session you are looking for, here are just some of the many benefits of private yoga.

-Quieter and less distraction than a class

-1-on-1 attention

-Specific body/health challenge ie (scoliosis, arthritis, back pain)

-A great way to start your yoga journey

-Accelerated improvement

-Work in your time, on your favourite day

-Choose your style and goals

NB: These sessions are paid for in advance and a 2 month notice is required.

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