Let go, Balance

A Life in Balance

Pai Tula Yoga started out as 1 or 2 students coming to a class in Jukskei Park as a bit of fun.

Angelique, owner and founder had a chat to us and explained "It was actually a complete push from the universe. I was working full time in the sport and television industry and dreamed of living a different life where I was adding to peoples' daily lives and having a visible impact on the well-being of my community. I had previously, as a yoga student, experienced yoga studios to be very ridged, judgmental and often lacking a personal touch. I often felt like an outsider and wanted to create a space where people always felt accepted and free to be themselves. 

And so I envisioned the family of Pai Tula Yata, which in whole means to "let go, balance and the soul's eternal place". I opened the doors in 2013 and longed to just share and let people

experience an environment and feel completely at home. 

Angie has been with the studio since opening and actively teaches over 12 group classes a week and speaks about the students and teachers.... 

"I absolutely love the energy that our classes hold and even enjoy letting the students choose their own theme on occasions. Our yoga studio is a tribe, a community of like-minded people who are passionate and dedicated about their own well-being and it doesn't take a lot to get others to see why our unique approach to yoga, fitness and wellness is all linked to living in harmony with the world around you and the people in it. I always tell our new clients, we do real yoga with real people. We don't promote 1 body type or 1 way of living. Come as you are, good day, bad day or off day. Come to your mat when you most need it, that's all that counts." 





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