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Pai Tula Yoga Silent Hike Club

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Ahoy there silent hikers 😃 It's time to tackle "The pilgrimage" this Sunday!

This is an absolutely beautiful Autumn experience, amazing rock hues and the terrain changes often.

We begin with a moderate to flat 3km up to the top of the property, this then sees a series of incredible rock formations that you amber over while finding some open air rock pools.

From there it's to the gorge which I would grade a 2.5 out of 5 as there are no ropes and you don't need to lug yourself over anything.

The gorge has the most serene little rapids and pools that's aren't meters deep but definitely big enough to swim in.

The exit is a sharp 250m walk out and then it's on to a dam and quiet walk back.

If you came with us to Piesangkloof and that was an 8 out of 10 this is a 5.5/6.

So come along, we won't be braaing after as the facilities aren't great but we do plan on going to Laurentina Portuguese restaurant on the way back.

Please carpool, it's about 75km away.

Start time 9am due to distance.

R150 pp.

Bring a snack, cost, dog on a lead and your adventure hat and face 😄


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